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    Sep 7, 2014

    17 Guinea Pigs Who Are Way Cooler Than You

    Just try and get on their level.

    1. This John Lennon wannabe.

    2. These with the bitchin' hats.

    3. This bro with his pink shades.

    4. This guy with hair silkier than yours will ever be.

    5. The one who can eat and skateboard simultaneously.


    All while lookin' like a badass.

    6. This punk who can pull off the sombrero look.


    That's right, be jealous.

    7. The clear winner of the DIY Halloween competition.


    Heh, hot potato. Get it?

    8. The guy who knows how to make an appearance.


    So majestic.

    9. The one who's a freakin' king.


    Bow down, peasants.

    10. The one voted "Best Smile" three straight years in a row.

    11. The one who can wear a cap backwards without looking like a douche.


    Clearly, the thug life chose him.

    12. These lovebirds.


    Suck it, Lady and the Tramp.

    13. The chick stuck in the 1980s.


    She pulls off the 'do well, though. Better than you could ever manage.

    14. The homeboy who can get a babe way outta his league.


    Aww, yeeeeeeah.

    15. The one with flawless skin.



    17. And finally, the guinea pig who's livin' the dream.


    Go big or go home.

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