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    16 Blissful Moments From Jeff Winger On "Community"

    Abs, abs everywhere.

    1. When he was at the Inspector Spacetime Convention.

    2. When he was Evil Jeff.

    3. When he played pool.

    An iconic moment in TV history.

    4. I don't even remember which episode this was.

    5. When he hooks up with Britta during paintball.

    6. When he wore this boxer costume for Halloween.

    Those pecs, man.

    7. When he got drunk with Abed.

    8. When he was rock 'n' roll musician Ricky Nightshade.

    9. When he fought Chang with a lightsaber thing.

    10. When he was a 'Greendale Baby.'

    11. When he lived in his car.

    12. When he went all Hulk-mode at a bar mitzvah.

    13. When he was part of Find-Annie's-Pen.

    14. When he and Britta were walked in on by Abed.

    15. When he changed clothes in the hallway.

    16. And finally, when his puppet version lifted weights.

    Bless you, Jeff. Long live those abs!