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    27 Totally Rad Facts About "School Of Rock"

    Class is now in session.

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    1. All the kids really played their instruments in the film, instead of pantomiming.

    2. Craig Wedren from the band Shudder to Think, Jim O'Rourke from Sonic Youth, and Liam Lynch from Tenacious D all helped with the film's music.

    3. Some of the kids' parents were concerned Jack Black would have a negative influence on their children.

    4. The film's screenwriter Mike White wrote the script specifically for Black.

    5. White also acted in the film as Dewey Finn's roommate, Ned Schneebly.

    6. The film's director Richard Linklater initially turned down the project.

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    7. Black wasn't originally sold on Linklater because he thought Linklater's Dazed and Confused and Slacker weren't like Black's previous films.

    8. The film was originally going to shoot in Austin, Texas, but producer Scott Rudin chose to move it to New York instead.

    9. Not all the songs were written before filming started, and Black revealed he "wrote most of the ones [that were filmed] in the classroom."

    10. Music supervisor Randall Poster said Linklater wanted "hard and fast rock" instead of a traditional score.

    11. There's a deleted scene involving Dewey going to his brother's house to beg for money, only to discover it's his nephew's birthday. Since he doesn't have a present, he just ends up playing "Happy Birthday" on his guitar.

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    12. The scene where Rosalie Mullins (Joan Cusack) calls herself a "bitch" while in the car with Dewey originally had a make-out session, but that part was cut from the film. Black stated the cut was because that kiss would've "just sort of [hung] there the rest of the movie."

    13. Black jokingly complained this was his most demanding role, since he acted, played music, and worked with kids.

    14. Black didn't just film his scenes and leave set — he hung around to play games with the kids in between takes.

    15. Miranda Cosgrove (Summer Hathaway) auditioned for the film with the show tune, "Hey Look Me Over" from the musical Wildcat, and she's "still embarrassed about it."

    16. After she landed the part, Cosgrove had to learn how to sing badly for the "Memory" scene.

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    17. Both Jordan-Claire Green (Michelle) and Veronica Afflerbach (Eleni) auditioned for the role of Summer.

    18. Summer Hathaway was originally a "Britney Spears-type, blonde, great singer."

    19. Joey Gaydos Jr. (Zack Mooneyham) and Kevin Alexander Clark (Freddy Jones) ended up auditioning together. After Clark's initial audition, Gaydos Jr. had his turn. However, Clark's mom started chatting with crew members, and since Clark was still around, they asked him to re-audition with Gaydos Jr.

    20. Several takes had to be redone because Robert Tsai (Lawrence) would crack up laughing and ruin the shot.

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    21. Brian Falduto said his character Billy was "originally of Indian heritage."

    22. The scene where Black talks about his weight was one of his favorite scenes from all of his work.

    23. The film took in $131 million at the box office worldwide, and $20 million of it was just from the opening weekend.

    24. The film received a PG-13 rating because there's one reference to drugs.

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    25. In 2013, the cast met up in Austin, Texas, for the 10-year reunion and played music together.

    26. Andrew Lloyd Webber is adapting the film into a Broadway musical. It will officially open Dec. 6, 2015, at the Winter Garden Theatre.

    27. There's still hope for a sequel — both Jack Black and Mike White occasionally toss the idea around.

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