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    25 Extremely Important Questions Dogs Have For Cats

    Seriously, let's talk about this "litter box" thing.

    1. Why do you ALWAYS look pissed off?

    2. And unimpressed by literally everything?

    3. Do you have to perfect your shade-throwing face, or does it just come naturally?

    4. Do you pretend you're Simba from The Lion King when no one's watching?

    5. Why do you insist on cramming yourself into small spaces?

    6. And why don't you actually look in the box before you jump into it?

    7. What's your plan once you actually catch the laser pointer?

    8. What does it feel like to go in a litter box?

    9. And why in God's name do you sleep in it?!

    10. Why don't you act more excited when your human comes home?!

    11. Do you tear up things just because you can, or for fun?

    12. Do you dream about world domination?

    13. Why do you beg humans to rub your tummy, then quickly swat them when they do?

    14. Do you personally feel insulted when someone calls your female human a "crazy cat lady?"

    15. Why the obsession with sinks, when you know water comes out of it?

    16. Do you think you're a human when you sit up like that?

    17. And you know exactly when your human needs the computer, right?

    18. How are you not afraid of heights?!

    19. Why would you want to play with ANY toy instead of a squeaky toy?

    20. Are Siamese cats really as mean as they are in Lady and the Tramp?

    21. Do you get a sick pleasure from stealing our home?

    22. And our bed?

    23. And even our FOOD?

    24. Do we look like big fluffy pillows to you?

    25. You secretly love us, don't you? 🐶🐱

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