15 Airplane Horror Stories That’ll Make You Give Up Flying

    "I was stuck next to a man who ended up pooping his pants."

    We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us their strangest experience on an airplane. Here are the cringeworthy results.

    1. Submitted by Paige Orton via Facebook

    Last time I flew, I was stuck next to a man who ended up pooping his pants because he was too nervous to ask me to get up so he could go to the bathroom.

    2. Submitted by amandamariem

    A couple asked if I could switch seats. The wife wanted the window seat, so I would sit in the middle. Apparently, they were considering divorce. She cried the whole flight, while her husband watched a boxing match and tried to throw punches in sync with the boxers until he fell asleep, snoring, on my shoulder.

    3. Submitted by Tammy Akelia Taitt via Facebook

    My seat was by the bathroom, so while we were descending, the plane shifted and this couple apparently having sex in the bathroom fell through the door. The guy's wife saw this and started yelling at him and hitting him with the in-flight magazine. The captain came on the intercom saying, "See folks, this is why we flash the seat belt signs!"

    4. Submitted by brookep8

    A guy who looked like Charles Manson came to the back of the plane and asked if we could trade underwear. He saw the look on my face, then turned around to go back to his seat next to his wife.

    5. Submitted by aleenap

    I looked over and the guy next to me started making out with the plane window vigorously.

    6. Submitted by anip484312b4d

    I sat next to an Amish family on the airplane. When the flight attendant came by with water, everyone in the family took out their fake teeth so they could soak in the water. Suddenly we hit some turbulence and the son's teeth fell over and landed on my lap.

    7. Submitted by Kitty Chou via Facebook

    I sat next to a tall Russian man who would randomly burst out into a full-fledged song and dance routine for the Ghostbusters theme song. I swear I nearly lost an eye.

    8. Submitted by James Papadapa via Facebook

    I forgot I had put a magazine in my back pants pocket, which caused a flapping sound when I farted. The noise woke up the people in the row behind me, and the farts released horrible smells. I was told by the flight attendants to stop farting or I would have police meet me at the terminal when we landed.

    9. Submitted by eshirley16

    I was stuck in a window seat beside a German couple. When I woke up from my nap, I saw them licking each other's fingers.

    10. Submitted by jessicamariec48f4d05f9

    A man in his mid-seventies began chatting with me. He propositioned me, telling me he loved "fuller-figured women," and that he had been with a 30-year-old but "21 would be the youngest woman he had ever pleasured." When I politely declined, he offered to pay me.

    11. Submitted by georgiav4f25078cc

    My mum jumps up screaming, "Oh no, there's blood! Lots of blood!" Apparently, the man behind her threw up a lot of blood. The cleaner comes and gives it a once over with a cloth — literally that's all he did. No disinfecting or anything.

    12. Submitted by ZoeLC

    The flight attendant sat in front of me and my mom and proceeded to pull out tweezers. He plucked hairs out of his sideburns, looked at them intently, then ate them!

    13. Submitted by sianr4b5b28302

    The guy behind me began screaming and punching my seat over and over, shouting, "MY LEGS, MY LEGS, I HAVE LOST MY LEGS!" It turned out this tall man fell asleep with his legs stuck under the seats. When he woke up, his legs were so numb he believed he was a double leg amputee.

    14. Submitted by Miranda Benson via Facebook

    About 15 minutes into the flight, I threw up. I don't mean I threw up into a bag — I mean I suddenly spewed vomit on myself, the people in front of me, and the people next to me, which was a young couple on their honeymoon, of course.

    15. Submitted by ellisond

    A man had explosive diarrhea, so we were delayed an hour while they cleaned up the bathroom. When they were finished cleaning, the cleaners left the plane, not realizing their bag was open. That's right, I accidentally shoved my hand into this man's poop that was dropped in the aisle, and the plane had to be delayed for another hour.

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