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    13 Places Dora Really Shouldn't Have Explored

    Curiosity killed the cat, Dora. Slightly NSFW.

    1. The basement from Saw

    Lionsgate Films / Nickelodeon / Stacey Grant / BuzzFeed

    Dora didn't understand what Jigsaw meant when he said, "I'd like to play a game." No, Dora, he didn't mean hide and seek.

    2. The Parrish house from Jumanji

    TriStar Pictures / Nickelodeon / Stacey Grant / BuzzFeed / Via

    Hoping to escape any other horrors, Dora and Boots stumbled upon a mysterious "jungle house." Fingers crossed those branches don't break and Van Pelt doesn't show up anytime soon.

    3. The Chamber of Secrets from the Harry Potter series

    Warner Bros. Pictures / Nickelodeon / Stacey Grant / BuzzFeed

    After the Jumanji fiasco, Dora wanted to explore a somewhat familiar land she's read about in books. She took the opportunity to invite kids to join her on her journey. But even 3-year-olds know not to go there without a sword and Dumbledore's phoenix Fawkes.

    4. Camp Crystal Lake from the Friday the 13th series

    Paramount Pictures / Warner Bros. Pictures / Nickelodeon / Stacey Grant / BuzzFeed

    After a constant string of bad luck, Dora was fed up with exploring places inside. So, she decided to get some fresh air. She and Boots were absolutely nuts about camping, but quickly got the feeling they were being watched. Don't go to the bathroom alone at night!

    5. The Underworld from Hercules

    Disney / Nickelodeon / Stacey Grant / BuzzFeed

    Next on their trip, Dora and Boots thought they were going to take a friendly boat ride through Greece. Not exactly.

    6. Mount Doom from the Lord of the Rings series

    New Line Cinema / Nickelodeon / Stacey Grant / BuzzFeed

    Since Greece was a bust, Dora and Boots went to Mordor to see what all the hullabaloo was about some ring. Sauron was trying to get back his precious ring from the hobbits, so Dora did her whole song and dance about "Swiper no swiping," but Sauron didn't want to hear it, TBH.

    7. Glen Lantz's bedroom from the original A Nightmare on Elm Street

    New Line Cinema / Nickelodeon / Stacey Grant / BuzzFeed

    Sick of hobbits and orcs, Dora and Boots headed to Ohio for a change of scenery. While hanging out with a super young (and hot) Johnny Depp, things quickly turned weird. Sensing an educational moment, Dora looked to her toddler audience and asked, "Do you see the blood? ... Well, where is it? ... You got it! It's right there!"

    8. The infamous well from The Ring

    DreamWorks Pictures / Nickelodeon / Stacey Grant / BuzzFeed

    Later, Dora and Boots visited Washington, sitting down in the grass for a quick rest. But, they were completely oblivious to Samara creeping out of the well behind them. Dora, you don't need a map to know where to go next — literally anywhere but behind you!

    9. The Freeling house from Poltergeist

    Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer / Nickelodeon / Stacey Grant / BuzzFeed

    After running away for dear life, Dora and Boots headed to California. Dora became friends with Carol Anne, and both quickly became mesmerized with the white noise from the TV set. Once Boots saw a hand coming from the TV, he thought, "Nope," and bounced.

    10. Patrick Bateman's apartment from American Psycho

    Lions Gate Films / Nickelodeon / Stacey Grant / BuzzFeed

    Now exploring solo, Dora ventured to NYC, because she's actually all about that party life. She heard some rockin' music coming from a nearby apartment, and decided to investigate. It looks like she's seen too much.

    11. Amity Island from Jaws

    Universal Pictures / Nickelodeon / Stacey Grant / BuzzFeed

    After the carnage in NYC, Dora went for a swim alone in a quiet New England town. Where are her parents? Nobody knows.

    12. The Overlook Hotel from The Shining

    Warner Bros. Pictures / Nickelodeon / Stacey Grant / BuzzFeed

    Somehow managing to survive a shark attack, Dora just wanted a good night's sleep, so she checked into an interesting-looking hotel in Colorado. But after this unfortunate encounter, Dora got the hell out of there.

    13. And, a torture room from Hostel

    Screen Gems / Nickelodeon / Stacey Grant / BuzzFeed

    She wanted to get as far away from Colorado as possible, so she hopped on a train with her magical credit card, and went to Slovakia. There, she decided to check into a quaint-looking hostel. And, uh, you can imagine how well that turned out.

    Better luck next time, Dora!