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    28 Faces Anyone Who Loves Food Will Recognize

    "Let's eat fast so we can eat again!"

    1. When your mom yells, "It's time for breakfast!" and you know it's go-time.

    2. But then you shake the cereal box and discover it's almost empty.

    3. Or learn you're out of milk after already pouring a big 'ol bowl of cereal.

    4. When you enter a grocery store and behold all the possibilities.

    5. When your roommate eats your food without asking.

    6. When people tell you they don't eat breakfast.

    7. When you see your waiter with your food.

    8. Or when another waiter walks past you with food that smells heavenly.

    9. When the fast food cashier says your food will be ready in a minute, and several minutes go by.

    10. When the food you order online will take 30 minutes for delivery.

    11. When you get the last free doughnut at work.

    12. Or when you were too late to get the free doughnuts at work.

    13. When you remember Oreo-O's have gone extinct.

    14. But then remember French Toast Crunch came back from the grave.

    15. When there are leftovers from yesterday's office luncheon, but it's on a first-come, first-serve basis.

    16. When you're forced to be polite and speak with someone before you can stuff your face during a lunch meeting.

    17. When you take "all-you-can-eat" buffets very seriously.

    18. When your mom says you can lick the bowl, and you go a little overboard.

    19. When you see food, and instantly start eating it like a rabid animal, because it tastes so damn good.

    20. When you realize you've grossly miscalculated the food-to-mouth ratio.

    21. When you haven't even finished your food, yet you're already thinking about your next meal.

    22. When you see your mom making cookies, but she tells you she's taking them to work.

    23. When you're perfectly willing to fight over food.

    24. When you're so hungry and just grab whatever's closest, no matter what it is.

    25. When you eat all the Costco free samples, and the employees stare at you with deep judgment.

    26. When you feel like you just ate your weight in breadsticks at Olive Garden.

    27. When you finally end up in a food coma.

    28. And regret absolutely nothing.