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29 Times Tumblr Perfectly Summed Up Your Relationship With Math

MATH = Mental Abuse To Humans

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1. When you take one look at a problem and think, "NOPE."

2. When math just becomes a sick game of 20 Questions.

3. When you've never related more to a shirt in your whole life.

4. When you look for any way to make math fun.

5. When you know you're screwed before you even enter the room.

6. And quickly assume the position.

7. When you think it's gonna be a short homework assignment, but you're sadly mistaken.

8. When you learn multiple choice is not always your friend.

9. When you work on math for so long, you start getting all existential.

10. When you end up using your eraser more than your pencil.

11. When you get nauseous from just looking at your exam cheat sheet.

12. When you get distracted for a moment, and look back up to a board like this.

13. And you just can't even anymore.

14. When you can relate to this frustration on a spiritual level.

15. And Ron Weasley's pain is one you know all too well.

16. When you literally don't understand a damn thing the teacher is saying.

17. When you're convinced teachers are just making crap up.

18. And that they just want to watch the world burn.

19. When you're pumped for a test because you know you're gonna ace it — then you actually get the test.

20. So you must result to your creative side since your logical side failed you horribly.

21. Then when you get your graded test back, you're not surprised at the result whatsoever.

22. When you'd like to pretend math only exists in that one-hour class every MWF.

23. When you'd much rather learn something you can actually use in the real world.

24. But then you learn to apply math to your world.

25. When you realize the people in word problems make some questionable life choices.

26. And word problems expect you to just go with it.

27. Because sometimes, those word problem scenarios actually come true.

28. When you have that moment of understanding something, and then it all comes crashing down.

29. And, when your math-savvy friend can't even help you, and you know all hope is lost.

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