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    John Stamos And Josh Peck Have A New Bromance And It's Adorable

    Have mercy, and hug me, brotha!

    A month ago, Josh Peck announced on social media he'd be doing a new pilot for FOX with John Stamos.

    Shortly after, he started uploading photos of himself and Stamos goofing off like a couple of bros.

    And, they're pretty damn adorable.

    Some were precious photos taken on set.

    While other photos were sweaty-but-sexy.

    Pits and Peck. #hotdayonset @PortableShua

    Still fine AF.

    Here they are doing this double piggyback thing with fellow cast mates, Christina Milian and Paget Brewster. TOTES ADORBS.

    They also do cute, witty things on Twitter.

    One day I intend to get my shit together

    One day I intend to get my shirt together. RT @PortableShua One day I intend to get my shit together @SpaghettiniBH

    And even better, they teamed up for a vine — with singing!

    OMG 🙌 🙌 🙌

    This looks like the start of a beautiful friendship!