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This TBT Video Of Miley Cyrus Explains Everything

"You’re gonna be in big trouble when she’s about, what, 12, 13?"

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You know Miley Cyrus, famous singer, actress, and active supporter of LGBT rights.

Paul Bergen / AFP / Getty Images

She's known around the world for her unique style.

Julio Cesar Aguilar / AFP / Getty Images

But did you know that in 1994, 2-year-old Miley appeared with her country singer dad Billy Ray Cyrus on Music City Tonight?

The Nashville Network / Via 22 Vision /

~2 cute 2 b 4gotten~

And apparently, her dad taught her an interesting trick.

22 Vision /

It's the perfect side-eye!

The Nashville Network / Via 22 Vision /

But, co-host Lorianne Crook saw it as something else.

22 Vision /

Did she just predict the future?????

The Nashville Network / Via 22 Vision /

Miley's managed to keep up her eye trick over the years, including on Hannah Montana.

Disney / Via

Let's see a side-by-side comparison.

22 Vision /

Keep that eye game strong, Miley!

E! / Via

H/T 22 Vision Vault

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