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17 Secrets Drama Geeks Will Never Tell You

Yes, we hook up in the auditorium.

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2. We write some of our lines on props that we can see during the performance, but the audience can't.

3. We do some weird stuff to props.

6. And we also spend hours searching for the "perfect monologue" for auditions.

7. Everyone wants an on-stage death scene, because then you can relax backstage for the rest of the show.

8. But if you have to stay dead on stage for the rest of the show, it can be hell — you can't move, no matter what.

12. So, yes, we hook up in the auditorium.

14. It takes every ounce of self-control for us not to play with the sound board. But, we still do.

15. Stage fighting is one of the best workshops to take, because you might get to "beat up" the person who got the role you wanted.

16. We love wearing stage makeup that makes us look super gross.

17. And, we're closer to our theater family than our own family.