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    18 Things From Disney's "Blank Check" You Were Totally Jealous Of

    Preston really was livin' the dream.

    1. Cold hard cash vs. Monopoly money

    You probably got an allowance and money from birthdays/holidays, but you didn't just have cash falling into your lap like Preston Waters (Brian Bonsall) did. But hey, at least you were a beast at Monopoly, right?

    2. A waterslide that CONNECTED TO YOUR HOUSE vs. a Slip 'N Slide

    Hands down the coolest thing Preston bought with his million. He entered the slide inside his house and ended up in his pool. As for the water-sliding you did, Slip 'N Slide was your best friend.

    3. A castle vs. a sandcastle

    Adventures on the beach are definitely a fantastic way to spend an afternoon, but it would be even better to spend your days in this huge castle.

    4. A limo vs. a Little Tikes Cozy Coupe

    Although every '90s kid seemed to have one of these "swag-mobiles," it'd be 1,000x better to have your own personal driver. Technically, your parents fit that role, but you weren't cruisin' around in a limo.

    5. A giant bucket of ice cream vs. an ice cream cup

    Elementary school wouldn't have been the same without the ice cream cups with the wooden spoons, but eating ice cream in a bowl twice the size of your head is a lot more exciting.

    6. A shoe phone vs. Dream Phone

    Dream Phone was a fun game at sleepovers, but having a phone that actually worked — and your own personal number — are what dreams are made of. Plus, it was in the shape of a shoe, so come on.

    7. A huge desk vs. a Little Tikes desk

    You weren't nearly as busy with important business ventures, so you didn't need a desk of that caliber. Sadly, you're not Mr. Macintosh.

    8. An inflatable car raft vs. a pool noodle

    A pool noodle is fun, but you can't comfortably sit on it while drinking soda and chatting with your new lady friend, can you?

    9. A wall of TVs vs. one TV the entire family shared

    Want to watch Nickelodeon AND Disney Channel? Not a problem. Unfortunately, you were lucky to have one TV, let alone 30...

    10. A personal Mac computer vs. a Speak & Spell

    This computer had all kinds of awesome software, such as the voice recorder Preston used to pretend to be Mr. Macintosh. Not to mention this was his personal computer. If you had your own computer, that's great, but most of us were stuck with less technological devices.

    11. A go-kart vs. Mario Kart 64

    Mario Kart 64 was definitely where it was at, but getting to ride your own go-kart whenever you wanted? Priceless.

    12. Sumo wrestling vs. actually wrestling

    This inflatable Sumo wrestling ring made wrestling painless and fun. With that being said, you had to resort to actual wrestling, which usually ended up with someone getting hurt. That, or just watching wrestling on TV and dreaming of what could be.

    13. This inflatable velcro thing vs. going to kids play places

    Absolutely nothing was bad about Discovery Zone, but you still had to convince your parents to take you there, compared to just walking outside and jumping on this bad boy whenever the feeling struck you.

    14. Pimpin' glasses vs. Groucho Marx glasses

    Nothing says ~cool~ like glasses that flatter your face. Sadly, these Groucho Marx glasses just didn't make the cut, compared to Preston's ballin' specs.

    15. A white suit vs. overalls

    Overalls were definitely part of the '90s fashion, but let's face it, a white suit has way more s-t-y-l-e.

    16. A date with a person outta your league vs. praying for a date with a person outta your league

    You were lucky if you could even muster up the courage to talk to your crush, much less go on an actual date with them.

    17. A kiss from your crush vs. a kiss you didn't even want

    LOL, or you didn't get a kiss, because let's be real here.

    18. Literally anything you wanted vs. living in the real world

    Money was no object for Preston, but that was definitely not the case for everyone else. Just because you put every Beanie Baby and Pokémon card on your wish list didn't mean you received them all for Christmas.