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    36 Reasons Ireland Is The Worst Vacation Spot Ever

    Ugh, this place sucks.

    1. People have this weird desire to travel to Ireland before they die.

    2. What could you possibly see there that'd be worth the trip?

    3. Nothing, that's what.

    4. Seriously, turn back now.

    5. Because its sunrises are truly ugly.

    6. And the sunsets will make you want your money back.

    7. The houses are cramped together.

    8. The mountains are hideous.

    9. Every single one.

    10. Their government buildings are blah.

    11. The churches are practically shacks.

    12. And the castles? Microscopic.

    13. There are no unique landmarks. Rip-off.

    14. In fact, it's the land of "No Mystical Beauty."

    15. Seriously, there are no photo-op moments whatsoever.

    16. Its rivers are murky and polluted with trash.

    17. And don't even get me started on its gardens.

    18. The autumns are offensive to the human eye.

    19. And the winters are the exact opposite of what a "wonderland" would be.

    20. Its wildlife parks only have hideous-looking animals.

    21. Its fields are ridden with decay.

    22. And its grass is anything but "luscious green."

    23. The caves suck.

    24. Like, for real.

    25. And those islands? Snoresville.

    26. Ugh, so boring.

    27. You're never going to want to go out for a stroll.

    28. Or venture across a bridge.

    29. "Beautiful scenery" is non-existent.

    30. Nothing to see here.

    31. Nope. Nothing at all.

    32. What could possess someone to travel to this wasteland?

    33. OMG, so disgusting.

    34. Barf-o-rama.

    35. Abort, abort.

    36. You've been warned.