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    21 Moments "The Big Bang Theory" Had Absolutely No Chill

    Would you like some aloe vera? You just got burned.

    1. When Sheldon pulled no punches about Penny's educational background.

    2. When Leonard did the walk of shame, and Penny didn't hesitate to call him on it.

    3. When Bernadette caused third-degree burns with this insult — and Penny said what we all were thinking.

    4. And when Amy unleashed some third-degree burns of her own — and Penny's face was our face.

    5. When this nurse quickly sized up Howard's predicament.

    6. When Raj told Howard exactly what he thought of this outfit.

    7. When Leonard basically called Sheldon an alien for being weird AF.

    8. When Sheldon threw shade all over Leonard's relationship history.

    9. When Penny saw her shot and damn well took it.

    10. When Howard and Raj didn't hold back about each other's respective countries.

    11. When Penny (literally) destroyed Sheldon during Halo night.

    12. When Raj unleashed this burn that probably left some scars.

    13. When Sheldon quickly put dim-witted Zack in his place.

    14. When Penny decided to hit below the belt.

    15. When Amy told veteran actor Wil Wheaton his acting sucked.

    16. When Leonard slipped in this burn at Howard and Bernadette's wedding, because Penny wouldn't marry him.

    17. When Sheldon didn't miss a beat on this dig at Raj's "issues."

    18. When Barry Kripke couldn't wait to rub in Sheldon's mistake about his scientific findings.

    19. When Bernadette really wanted to win the scavenger hunt, and didn't have time for Leonard's bullshit.

    20. When Howard just had to tell his mom how it was.

    21. And, literally every time Sheldon said his famous catch phrase.