21 Ryan Stiles "Whose Line" Moments That'll Make You Laugh Every Time

    Where everything's made up, and age doesn't matter. Happy Birthday, Ryan!

    1. When he gave this classic response.

    2. When he offered up this legit advice.

    3. When he accurately portrayed this scenario.

    4. When he answered the question we've all been asking.

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    5. When he taught us the most important letter of the alphabet.

    6. When he always found a way to get the upper hand on Drew Carey

    7. When he gave us the best unlikely love story ever.

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    8. When he managed to pull off this unbelievably dorky pickup line.

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    9. As well as this (literally) cheesy pick up line.

    10. When he gave this response to the worst thing to see in a superhero movie question.


    11. When he made any weird hand gestures.

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    12. When he had no chill as an eagle.

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    13. When he nailed this impersonation.

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    14. When he became the World's Creepiest Dentist.

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    15. When he'd had it with the damn buzzer.

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    16. When he made documentaries 1000x more interesting.

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    17. When he gave Hawaii a new welcome sign idea.

    18. When he saw his shot, and he took it.

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    19. When he made the most out of his weird props.

    20. When he gave no fucks about grabbing a little tush.

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    Especially if it was Colin's.

    21. And, THIS.

    Happy Birthday, Ryan Stiles!