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35 Important Questions '90s Nickelodeon Still Needs To Answer

Seriously, how did CatDog poop?

1. Did the slime easily wash out of the panelists' hair?

2. What really happened to Arnold's parents on Hey Arnold!?

3. And why did these kids' guardians let them run around the city at night, unsupervised?

4. Why was Dil the only baby who couldn't talk on Rugrats?

5. How did Tommy's parents never find that screwdriver when they changed his diaper?

6. And what in God's name is Lonely Space Vixens?

7. Who were CatDog's actual parents, not their adopted parents from CatDog and the Great Parent Mystery?

8. Where on Earth did they find the contestants on Figure It Out?

9. And how did Lori Beth Denberg ALWAYS correctly guess the answer?

10. Why couldn't contestants assemble the Shrine of the Silver Monkey on Legends of the Hidden Temple?

11. And why didn't this kid understand how green screen worked on Nick Arcade?

12. How heavy was the Aggro Crag from GUTS?

13. Did Kel's parents even care he was barely home in Kenan & Kel?

14. What was really in Ed's Good Burger sauce?

15. Did Earboy's ears make his head heavy on All That?

16. And why could this character only say "Jupiter"?

17. Did Dagget and Norbert from The Angry Beavers ever consider taking anger management classes?

18. And what was up with that butterfly crotch thing?

19. With all the insane tricks they did, how did the Rocket Power gang manage to avoid breaking every single bone in their body?

20. Why weren't Clarissa's parents from Clarissa Explains It All concerned a boy was climbing into their teenage daughter's bedroom all the time?

21. What did Dr. Kahn, the camp director from Salute Your Shorts, actually look like?

22. Why weren't Eliza and Debbie ever shown doing any work for their homeschooling on The Wild Thornberrys?

23. Did Krumm's arms ever get tired from always holding up his eyes on Aaahh!!! Real Monsters?

24. How did Sandy from SpongeBob SquarePants get her treedome house into the ocean in the first place?

25. And how does it snow underwater?

26. Was this guy the only patron of the Head Enhancement Clinic, or were there others?

27. And who the hell made out with Squidward at Makeout Reef?

28. How much money did Rocko make as a phone sex operator on Rocko's Modern Life?

29. Also, WHY was he a phone sex operator in a kids' show?

30. Why did the producers think this scene from Are You Afraid of the Dark was perfectly acceptable?

31. What possessed Quailman from Doug to wear his underwear outside his clothes?

32. Didn't The Flesh from KaBlam!'s Action League Now ever get, um, cold?

33. Why were there SO MANY BUTTS on The Ren & Stimpy Show?

34. Why did their parents name BOTH of them "Pete"?

35. And on Cousin Skeeter, how did Bobby's aunt and uncle give birth to a PUPPET?!