33 Panties Every Geeky Girl Needs

    You already know which geeky bra to get, so now you need the matching bottoms.

    1. The force is strong with this one. And firm.

    2. These look like Star Wars meets Day of the Dead — which is all kinds of awesome.

    3. Everyone loves a good bad boy...

    4. You'll definitely be able to see any Stormtroopers coming.

    5. Guarantee you every member of the USS Enterprise wears these on a regular basis.

    6. Oh, we bet you do.

    7. Still upset the best sci-fi adventure ever was canceled prematurely, but at least we get some underwear out of it.

    8. You know what else is cool? Matt Smith on your body.

    9. You are sexy, in every space-time dimension that exists.

    10. Phallic symbols, anyone?

    11. Oh boy, we sure hope so.

    12. The only time feeling creepy-crawlies on your body is a good thing.

    13. Too bad they don't come with Robert Downey Jr., too.

    14. For the warrior princess in all of us.

    15. Superman's sliding into your DMs like...

    16. Avengers, ASSemble!

    17. Who are you kidding? No one's thinking about that damn ring right now.

    18. Buy all four, so when when characters from one house die, switch to another one.

    19. Brace yourself for quite a night.

    20. Daryl Dixon is a lucky man.

    21. You'll be screaming "Oogie Boogie" all night long.

    22. Oh, it's definitely adventure time, all right.

    23. Suck it, Slytherin.

    24. This quote itself deserves 10 points for Gryffindor.

    25. Always show your school pride.

    26. These'll magically keep unwanted suitors away from you.

    27. And these'll protect you from demons disguised as really awful pickup lines.

    28. Let's not beat around the bush here.

    29. Hopefully, Yoshi doesn't lay any eggs...

    30. Wear whenever you wanna level up.

    31. Wear these, and all your wishes will be granted. No matter how naughty they may be.

    32. Wearing these will quickly make Tom Nook forget about that house debt you owe him.

    33. Gotta catch 'em all.

    Good-bye old panties, and hello new ones!