24 Signs You're Actually Bobby From "Supernatural"

    Idjits, jackasses, and balls.

    1. You take being blunt to a whole new level.

    2. And shamelessly wear emotions on your sleeve.

    3. Because you DGAF about any "doctor's orders."

    4. Are your friends being complete morons?

    Then, you'll definitely let them know it.

    5. Whether on the phone...

    6. ...or in person.

    7. But sometimes, you'll say it with love.

    8. Your vocabulary is quite extensive.

    9. And you paint with words like a fucking Picasso.

    10. Plus, you've got a poetic side.

    11. Seriously, you're a real Emily Dickinson.

    12. You know family isn't about any of that Leave It to Beaver crap.

    13. And that kids are the literal worst.

    14. But you still know your family is the best.

    15. And you're neither afraid to point out the obvious...

    16. ...nor too stubborn to give hugs.

    17. You don't handle being ignored too well.

    18. And you're definitely not one to put up with any shit.

    19. You're always planning ahead.

    20. As well as taking charge.

    21. Because you're a bonafide leader.

    22. And don't have time for peoples' crap.

    23. No one's gonna slow you down.

    24. NO ONE.