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23 Moments "Hey Arnold!" Got Way Too Real

Kids' shows aren't always happy-go-lucky.

1. When Arnold never found out what happened to his parents.

2. When Mr. Hyunh gave up his daughter so she would be safe from a war-torn country.

3. When Bob and Miriam Pataki didn't care about Helga.

4. And Helga had a difficult time accepting the blatant rejection.

5. When Pigeon Man completely gave up on making friends.

6. When Monkeyman, Sid's superhero and idol, let him down when Sid needed him most.

7. When Harold had a meltdown about his ever-present obesity.

8. When Stoop Kid was abandoned on the stoop as a baby, which is why he's terrified to leave it.

9. When Gerald felt he had to move out in order to get his family's attention.

10. When Phoebe had to learn not all guys are nice.

11. When Helga explained how it feels to have a crush on someone.

12. When Arnold summed up unrequited love.

13. When Chocolate Boy showed us the terrible dangers of addiction.

14. When Rhonda's mother was disgusted her daughter had to wear glasses.

15. When the Jolly Olly Man's father emasculated him.

16. When Sid pretended to have Arnold's room, because he was embarrassed of his own.

17. When Torvald had to finally admit this truth to himself.

18. When Alan had to painfully watch his dad bond more with Arnold than him.

19. When Miriam explained that marriage isn't always fantastic.

20. When Miss Slovak showed that some people will never find love.

21. When Harvey proved working is hard.

22. But being unemployed and having nothing to eat is even harder.

23. And, when Gerald summed up the hard truth about life.