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The 10 Most Dangerous Jobs In The World!

Danger! Beware the killer photocopier! Step back from the lethal keyboard and toxic pen! Think you're at danger of having accidents at work? Well, maybe you should take a look at some of these for some perspective! The 10 most dangerous jobs in the world brought to you by the guys at Special Risks Bureau.

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7. Armoured Car Guard


Armoured Car Guards have the 7th most dangerous job in the world. It's fair to say you'd have to offer me on HELL of a salary to volunteer for that role! Yet surprisingly, an armoured car guard in the USA can expect a salary of just $35,000!



Firefighters face a more dangerous task than the police and again for fairly standard salaries. Rushing into burning buildings to rescue people is certainly a noble job - and, well, everyone loves a man in a fireman's uniform, right?

4. Miner


Mining is becoming a less common occupation, particularly in the developed world. But nonetheless remains a dangerous one - more so (according to global figures) than firefighting, bomb disposing or guarding armoured cars!

3. Truck Driver


A truck driver might not strike you immediately as being a particularly dangerous job. But when you consider the number of road accidents there and the potential hazards of driving HGVs, it probably makes sense that this would be amongst the world's most dangerous occupations.

1. Fisherman


Globally, the fishing industry accounts for more fatalities at work than any other profession. Again, this isn't one that might strike you as being immediately dangerous but when you consider the environment and the sheer number of people in this industry, it's not of massive surprise.

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