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    Five People Doing Insane Stunts

    Brave? Crazy? Suicidal? Or an unhealthy (but awesome) combination of the three?

    1. Travis Pastrana Skydives Without a Parachute

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    Who needs a parachute anyway? Not Travis Pastrana, who puts his faith in his friends and his life in their hands diving out of a plane without a chute and relying on his buddies to keep hold of him.

    2. Gary Connery's Wingsuit Jump from a Helicopter WITHOUT a Parachute

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    Gary Connery jumped from a helicopter from 2000ft wearing a wingsuit and landed it WITHOUT deploying a parachute.

    3. Suicidal Skateboarder?

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    Suicidal skateboarder?

    4. Professor Splash

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    Guy jumps from height with only a paddling pool to break his fall.

    Crazy dude!

    5. Frank Miles Juggles Stun Guns While Standing in Water

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    What is it with the suicidal people flocking to America's Got Talent?