25 Signs You're From Minneapolis

The Sin Cities, aka Minneapolis, St. Paul.

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4. You join the ranks of Tommy Stinson, Tom Arnold and Dave Pirner in nursing a hangover after a night at the CC Club.

12. You've got an affinity for the Premium Grainbelt sign, even if you've outgrown their beer. (In favor of Surlys, of course.)

14. You know how to eat pho the right way, even if you're not sure how to pronounce it.


"Fuh", "faux", whatever. Between the cold bun chuy, the steaming hot pho and the DIY adjustable spice level, Minneapolis's stunningly good Vietnamese restaurants got us covered year-round.

15. You've had your pizza delivered by a superhero.


Galactic Pizza's world-saving isn't just a schtick. The whole operation is run on renewable energy, electric vehicles and sustainable agriculture.

17. Bragging about the coldest winter you've lived through never gets old.


The coldest Minneapolis winter recorded was in 1888 when the temperatures dropped to -41F. I am sure they still didn't call school off.

19. If you're lucky, an invitation to dance and have a few drinks will land you doing the heel-toe polka step at Nye's.

24. You would never dream of taking the last piece of food at a party. (But you'll "split it" until it's subatomic.)

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