10 Moments From "SpongeBob" That'll Make Any Young Adult Laugh And Maybe Cry A Little

    "Goodbye everyone, I'll remember you all in therapy."

    1. When Plankton said what we all thought after high school graduation:

    2. When you try to think of something clever or interesting to fill the awkward silence:

    3. When you get into one argument with a friend and both of you overreact:

    4. When the direct deposit hits:

    5. When the late-night cravings hit:

    6. When Uber and Lyft prices surge right when you're about to leave:

    7. *Hits the snooze button 10 times*

    8. When you see your credit card bill:

    9. *Reads The Communist Manifesto once*

    10. And finally, when you stare at a selfie for too long and begin to question everything: