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    The Ultimate List Of Ramadan Recipes

    Happy Ramadan to all those who celebrate! May it be be a month full of countless blessings and satisfied tummies.

    1. Date Platter

    Sarah S. / Via Instagram: @whenapricotsbloom

    If you're invited for an iftar potluck and have no idea what to bring/too exhausted to cook...this plate is the perfect option. Add dried fruits and nuts to make it your own. You can also make this extra fancy with chocolate-covered dates.

    2. Shawarma Tacos

    Abeer Najjar / Via Instagram: @abeer_najjar

    In Ramadan, we all know that the cravings are REAL. You could be craving Mexican, Middle Eastern, and Chinese food within the the span of one hour. So here's a recipe that can definitely satisfy a few cravings. The slow-cooked meat, tahini sauce, and sumac onions of a shawarma has a love affair with the toasty tortilla, rich crema, and fresh salsa of a taco. *Drooling*

    3. Ramadan Pidesi - Turkish Ramadan Bread

    Sarah S / Via Instagram: @whenapricotsbloom

    Light and fluffy in texture and topped with nigella and sesame seeds, this bread pairs well with anything from hummus at iftar to strawberry jam at suhoor.

    4. Protein Energy Bites

    Eva / Via Instagram: @evaeats_

    The fasting days are LONG and the nights are short. Waking up in the middle of the night to eat suhoor can be quite the struggle. Prep these little energy bites in advance to avoid food prep while you're half-asleep.

    5. Mixed Berry and Rose Milkshake

    Yasmeen / Via Instagram: @wandering_yas

    The floral essence in this milkshake highlights the flavor of the berries. Blitz the milk, frozen or fresh berries and the flower water until smooth, then top it off with a few bright crushed pistachios, to amp up the Eastern vibe. This is a nice drink for suhoor or a refreshing treat right after iftar.

    6. Creamy Rice Pudding

    Nur / Via Instagram: @catastrophiccook

    The pudding itself is super creamy and the perfect thickness. The rice is tender but still holds its shape. Make sure to add a splash of Orange Blossom Water in the end. It gives it the perfect floral hint and makes it absolutely to die for.

    7. Banana Walnut Orange Blossom Muffins

    Zayna / Via Instagram: @measuring.cups.optional

    You may not ever want to go back to traditional banana bread ever again. Be sure to bake these in the evening and have them ready to enjoy at suhoor.

    8. Hazelnut Cardamom Granola Clusters

    Amanda Saab / Via Instagram: @amandasplate

    This is the type of treat that will make you WANT to wake up in the middle of the night to eat suhoor.

    9. Middle Eastern Puff Pastry Meat Pies

    Zayna / Via Instagram: @measuring.cups.optional

    If you don't have the time to whip up some of your own homemade dough for this traditional Middle Eastern savory treat, then puff pastry is the dough of your dreams.

    10. Baked Spinach and Feta Phyllo Cigars

    Mai / Via Instagram: @almondandfig

    These are vegetarian-friendly and easy to prep in advance. And heads up, your guests will devour the entire plate and ask for more.

    11. Chicken Sumac Pinwheel

    Nadia & Deana / Via Instagram: @sweetpillarfood

    This is a famous traditional Middle Eastern dish turned into a super simple appetizer and features the same great flavors of caramelized onions and tangy sumac.

    12. Fire Roasted Baba Ghanouj with Tomatoes

    Mai / Via Instagram: @almondandfig

    The smoked creamy Aubergines, the sweet summer tomatoes and a nice zesty kick from the fresh garlic and jalapeños makes this dip addictive.

    13. Creamy Hummus

    Cosette / Via Instagram: @cosetteskitchen

    Fresh, creamy, homemade hummus. It doesn't get better than this! It's a perfect iftar appetizer and it's a great post-taraweeh snack.

    14. Balila

    Joudie Kalla / Via Instagram: @palestineonaplate

    We all know and love hummus, but have you tried balila? It takes no more than ten minutes to pull this light and flavorful dish.

    15. Yalanji (Vegetarian Stuffed Grape Leaves)

    Nivin / Via Instagram: @nivinskitchen

    Here's a flavorful vegetarian version of stuffed grape leaves. Prepare it as the main dish for iftar or serve it as an appetizer.

    16. Fattet Makdous - Layered Baby Eggplant Dish

    Fufu O. / Via Instagram: @fufuinthekitchen

    Here's a gluten-free and dairy-free recipe for those who love traditional fatteh dishes!

    17. Vegan Kofta Ft. Field Roast

    Nada E. / Via Instagram: @onearabvegan

    Vegan? No problem! With a little help from the Field Burger – the juiciest, most flavorful store-bought vegan patty, you can enjoy kofta!

    18. Maqloobeh

    Fardo's Kitchen / Via Instagram: @fardos_kitchen

    Everything gets cooked into one pot - the rice, the meat and the vegetables. And once it's ready to be served, it's flipped upside-down! For the recipe, you're going to need a little help from Google Translate (unless you speak Arabic).

    19. Freekeh Buddha Bowl

    Sarah S. / Via Instagram: @olivenheart

    A Buddha bowl inspired by Jaj Mahshi Bil Freekeh (Freekeh Stuffed Chicken), this dish will keep you full and happy, much like the Buddha belly that inspired the name. If you’re planning to invite guests, consider a “bowl bar” where friends and family can create bowls with their favorite fixings.

    20. Iraqi Dolma

    Sara A. / Via Instagram: @addalittlelemon

    Another vegan-friendly Ramadan recipe to impress the guests. Totally eyeing the stuffed onion - can you imagine all of the amazing flavors in that bowl?! *Drooling*

    21. Kibbe Bl Sayneye

    Sara / Via Instagram: @healthyliciousbysara

    Making individual kibbe is not only time consuming but it can be exhausting. So here's a recipe that will save you so much time and energy!

    22. Chicken Kabseh

    Nivin / Via Instagram: @nivinskitchen

    Spiced rice, golden raisins and fried almonds. This is a vibrant and aromatic dish that will most definitely leave you coming back for more after taraweeh.

    23. Slow Cooker Nihari Beef Stew

    Izzah / Via Instagram: @teaforturmeric

    You had us at "Slow Cooker"! But real talk, after a long day of fasting while at work or school, it's difficult to come home and cook a full meal. So this recipe is already a winner!

    24. Homemade Naan Bread

    May Yacoubi / Via Instagram: @chefmayyacoubi

    Obviously, not everyone has a tandoori oven in their home. But a lot of us have Woks! Check out this creative step by step recipe in @chefmayyacoubi's Instagram Highlights.

    25. Roasted Stuffed Chicken

    Safa / Via Instagram: @sofiesworld_

    Flavorful spiced rice stuffed in roasted chicken?! Yes, please! *Drooling*

    26. Tomato Saffron and Orzo Soup

    Yasemin / Via Instagram: @figtreeroots

    Eating soup or other fluid-rich foods at iftar helps ease your stomach and avoid discomfort or bloating. And besides that, soup is always a good idea. Does anyone else want to dive into this?

    27. Lebanese Lentil Soup

    Amanda Saab / Via Instagram: @amandasplate

    For so many, traditional lentil soup is the #1 soup to enjoy during Ramadan. Squeeze a little bit of fresh lemon juice for an added boost of flavor.

    28. Chicken and Orzo Soup

    Zahra / Via Instagram: @cookingwithzahra

    This Chicken and Orzo soup recipe is a simple, filling and delicious recipe that takes no time to make.

    29. Basil Couscous Salad with Arugula and Mini Heirloom Tomatoes

    Sarah / Via Instagram:

    After a long day of fasting, salad is another option to ease your way into eating again. And it always helps when the salad looks this good!

    30. Fattoush Salad

    Amanda Saab / Via Instagram: @amandasplate

    This salad is a staple Ramadan menu item in homes around the world. While there are slight variations in recipes, one thing is always the same - it must include pita bread.

    31. Balela Salad

    Suzy / Via Instagram: @themediterraneandish

    In Arabic, the word “balela” means “cooked chickpeas.” Very similar to traditional balela, this salad is simple, wholesome, bright, and flavor-packed.

    32. Beef Kebab

    Lina / Via Instagram: @thelebaneseplate

    Anyone planning to grill for iftar? If so, this recipe would be an absolute hit!

    33. Couscous Salad & Paprika Chicken

    Diala S. / Via Instagram: @thehummustheory

    Who's guilty of over-eating during Ramadan? This is for the nights when you want to keep things light and simple for iftar.

    34. Butter Chicken

    Nivin / Via Instagram: @nivinskitchen

    Mmmmm...butter chicken! The guests will love this dish and the sweetness and the color of this dish also makes it a kids favorite.

    35. Chicken Shawarma Platter

    Kathryn Pauline / Via Instagram: @cardamom.and.tea

    This homemade shawarma's texture replicates those crispy bits that get sheared off the surface of that giant rotating cone. It may not be exactly the same as traditional shawarma, but it's pretty close and absolutely delicious.

    36. Flefleh Mahshiyeh (Stuffed Bell Peppers)

    Sarah S. / Via Instagram: @whenapricotsbloom

    Here's a version of mahshi that can be prepped in advance and tossed into the oven an hour before iftar time. Feel free to add stuffed tomatoes to this dish, too.

    37. Eggplant Bulgur Pilaf

    Sawsan / Via Instagram: @chefindisguise

    For most people, the world bulgur is only associated with tabbouleh but in Turkey and big parts of the Middle East, this grain has been used for centuries in soups, salads, and main dishes.

    38. Qataayif

    Rawan Kad / Via Instagram: @brewingbliss

    Qataayif are the pancakes of the Arab world and the post popular Ramadan dessert. This decadent treat is stuffed with anything from cheese, to nuts, to Nutella, and then baked or fried, and drenched in a homemade syrup.

    39. Mamool Cookies

    Nadia & Deana / Via Instagram: @sweetpillarfood

    These are the quintessential Middle Eastern holiday cookies. Be sure to bake them a few days before Eid and share with your friends and family.

    40. Baklava Biscotti

    Rawan K. / Via Instagram: @brewingbliss

    After every iftar, tea and/or coffee usually comes next. So why not enjoy them with scrumptious and nutty baklava biscotti?

    41. Basbousa/Nammoura

    Nadia / Via Instagram: @potsnbites

    Popular across the Middle East, it's a delectable semolina and coconut cake that pairs perfectly with tea after a long day of fasting. The recipe available in the @potsnbites Instagram highlights.

    42. Rose Cardamom Tres Leches

    Abeer Najjar / Via Instagram: @abeer_najjar

    Here's a classic dessert with a new twist. Whether you plan to serve two guests or 20, you’ll be reaching for this recipe all Ramadan.

    43. Eid Chai Spiced Cookies

    Rubina S. / Via Instagram: @allflouredup

    When Ramadan comes close to an end, these are the perfect cookies to bake and decorate with kids!

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