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Week Of Singles

Kendrick Lamar, Logic, and Calvin Harris all released singles this week.

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Kendrick Lamar - HUMBLE

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First off, tell me that video isn't the greatest thing you have ever seen. I think that music video deserves every award out there; grammy, emmy, whatever.

Anyways, Kendrick returns for the second week in a row to release another single HUMBLE. The song awkwardly bumps and its almost a flash back to the old Kendrick that we know and love. The production on the song is amazing and Kendrick's lyrics float right over top.

It might take you a few listens before you really start to feel the song but you'll definitely end up dancing along to the catchy beat immediately.

Back to back singles are teeing up the release for Kendricks new album that the world still thinks is coming April 7th (unconfirmed). However Schoolboy Q did confirm that the album does exist and is done.

Calvin Harris - Heatstroke (feat. Young Thug, Pharrell and Ariana Grande)

Calvin Harris continues his feel good music tour releasing Heatstroke featuring Ariana Grande, Pharell Williams & Young Thug.

That's a interesting cast of artist and when I first read it I was little confused but then I remembered that Calvin Harris released Slide with Frank Ocean and Migos which in my opinion is still the best song to come out this year, so I figured it would all be fine.

And it was! Calvin Harris' production is still top of the line and Pharell and Ariana's vocals are top class. Young Thug brings his unique musical style onto the track to give it a little spice and it all perfectly meshes together.

The track is no Slide, it's going to be hard to top that but its safe to say that Calvin has successfully built an immense amount of hype for his feel good album.

Logic - Everybody

Logic announced that his new album "Everybody" will be droppping on May 5th. First off the artwork is beautiful. I love how he combines this futuristic idea and gives it a sort of renaissance touch.

Is that the right time era? I don't know. But nonetheless, the hype surrounding Logic has been growing as the years go on. His quick jab flow and soothing beats are the perfect formula to creating good music.

With the announcement of his album he released the album track titled "Everybody" which embodies that formula I just spoke of. Look for Logic to take a step up with this album as he's looking to prove to the world that he belongs among the top names in the rap/hip hop game.

Love the corgis at the bottom of the album art also. 10/104

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