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How To Become A Princess 101

Dad claimed African country for his daughter so she can be a real Princess

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"A dream is a wish your heart makes" said Cinderella, and sometimes dreams can come true.

This is the case of Emily Heaton, a common girl who became a princess thanks to her dad.

The child, 7-year-old, wanted to become a real princess, so her super-dad Jeremy Heaton, claimed a kingdom!

He searched online for a "terra nullius" which is latin for "land belonging to no one" and found an 800-square-mile mountainous patch between Sudan and Egypt, called Bir Tawil, which belongs to neither country.

Dad Heaton travelled there and planted a flag chosen by his children, to claim the land for his family, and called it Kingdom of North Sudan.

Now what he needs is a formal international recognition with African nations and with the United Nations.

A State that was the result of a war became a kingdom that is the fruit of the love of a father for his daughter.

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