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Happy #DaarioButtDay!

A day to appreciate that perfect beauty (Warning: butt's images)

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Well, Italy thought that today was the perfect day to celebrate... HIS BUTT!

So the #DaarioButtDay started!

3/07 Today it's #DaarioButtDay here in Italy! Let's celebrate! #Daario #Buttamelo @Michiel_Huisman

Le donzelle di GOT approvano il #DaarioButtDay !

Loved by all the GoT girls

Il disagio continua! 😎 #celebrate #DaarioButtDay

@Michiel_Huisman Ahahahah ❤ #DaarioButtDay

Soon enough Michiel Huisman himself found that it was a very important celebration

Because of #daarioButtday I will be very mindful of what I'm sitting on today..

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