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    7 Quirky Handmade Gifts For The Animal-Obsessed Individual

    Seven ridiculously cute handmade gifts you need now!

    1. This Fatnormous Badger

    WoodlandTale / Via

    2. These Salt and Pepper Pots with Spoons for Tails

    MinkyMooCeramics / Via

    3. This Organic Stuffed Sheep that has Social Anxiety

    fluffmonger / Via

    4. This Embroidery Hoop for Crazy Cat Ladies

    Stitch Culture / Via

    5. This Stamp that Puts Pandas on Everything

    Nuke / Via

    By Nuukk

    6. This Incredibly Weird Cow Pillow

    Prosaic / Via

    By Poosac

    7. This Sockosaurus Wearing a Unitard

    theRemakerie / Via