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    7 Cakes And Cookies For Any Occasion

    Valentines Day is right around the corner. Looking for some dessert inspirations? Here is a set of 7 cakes and cookies from fellow bloggers. These cakes and cookies don't call for any specific occasion. These kids friendly cakes and cookies are perfect after school snacks too. Without any further ado, here are the yummylicious cakes and cookies.

    A rich and decadent Ice Cream cake with Egg less and butter less chocolate cake as the base and topped up with homemade vanilla ice cream and assorted nuts. You can modify and customize the layers as per your preference.

    Sharmila / Via

    The next one is the white chip chocolate cookies prepared with whole wheat flour. A delicious cookie with overloaded. :-) Have fun carving out your favorite shapes.


    A basic chocolate cake recipe is a must have in every baker's repertoire. Here is one such Egg less Chocolate Cake. It tastes great as it is, and even better dressed up with whipped cream, ganache or chocolate buttercream. :-)

    Planning to incorporate some nuts in your cookies. Here is a perfect one for you. These rich and delicious cookies with lots of almond and pistachio powder are most popular and preferred cookies in India.

    Egg less Orange Tea Cake is a delicious cake made using fresh Oranges and Orange Marmalade. A perfect cake to pair up with your tea.

    Srivalli / Via

    With Valentine's day right around the corner, we cannot miss the red velvet cake. Here are the egg less red velvet cupcakes. These cupcakes are best for celebrations as they look so grand and out of the world.

    Gayathri / Via

    Time crunch for preparing cakes and cookies? Here is the solution – Single serving egg less microwave peanut butter cake – A rich, sweet and protein loaded mug cake with the goodness of peanut butter.

    Vidhya / Via
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