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Shahid Kapoor And Farhan Akhtar Arrived At The 2016 IIFA Awards Riding Donkeys Because Why Not

Classic Indian award show comedy, you guys.

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Last night, Shahid Kapoor and Farhan Akhtar hosted the 2016 IIFA Awards.

And for the sake of comedy, they decided to make an entrance on a pair of donkeys.

Viral Bhayani

Just a couple of good-looking dudes on a couple of well-dressed donkeys.

Cesar Manso / AFP / Getty Images

Shahid looked rather pleased with himself, riding atop a donkey.

As one should.
Cesar Manso / AFP / Getty Images

As one should.

Look at him trying to turn this whole donkey situation into a good photo op.

Because we are blessed, here is a video of the handsome donkeys making a grand entrance at the IIFA green carpet.

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Also, Shahid and Farhan.

And whoever came up with the donkey idea, good job.