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Varun Dhawan Used To Look Like An Adorkable Teenager Before Becoming A Hottie McNaughty

You wouldn't have picked this man out of a line up before but look at him now.

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Varun Dhawan didn't always look like this beast of a man.

He was an adorkable teenager who Longbottomed pretty hard.

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In 2002, wayyy before his Bollywood debut, Varun appeared on the chat show Jeena Isi Ka Naam Hai to talk about his dad and filmmaker David Dhawan.

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He mutated from this awkward, pimply teenager...

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To this heartthrob.

If that Varun can become this Varun, then now is the time for you to surrender to hope completely.

Because impossible is nothing.

Please watch this super non-buff Varun talking in front of a camera for the first time ever.

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