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Richa Chadha Sassed Everyone Who Couldn't Stay On Topic During Her Serious AMA

A masterclass in sass.

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Richa Chadha has joined forces with an NGO that works for the welfare of human trafficking and rape victims and she is helping raise funds via a digital crowdfunding platform.

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And during a Twitter AMA to raise awareness about the campaign, Chadha had to sass a lot of people because THEY JUST REFUSED TO STAY ON TOPIC.

Chadha: "No, actually I shaved my head. How does it look? Huh?"

She was asked pretty damn irrelevant questions.

Chadha: "Dear Kishan, we are doing a chat about a charity cause for women who've escaped trafficking and rape so kindly keep your questions to that."

But she kept doling out burns, turn by turn.

Chadha: "No."

And low-key shutting down those who tried to derail the conversation.

Chadha: "I'm fine. Please ask me questions about Ketto first."

And she customised her sass to successfully talk about the cause she was supporting.

Chadha: "Hi Pooja. If I wasn't an actress I would be doing social work for NGOs like Purnata to raise funds for a campaign called 'The Bunglow On The Hill' on a platform called Ketto."

Well done, Richa.