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    Sonam Kapoor Opened Her Younger Sibling's Eyes To The Rampant Sexism In Bollywood

    Please watch the experienced actress school her brother about the problematic industry he's about to become a part of.

    Sonam Kapoor interviewed her brother Harshvardhan Kapoor on Film Companion recently.

    The latter is about to debut in Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra's Mirzya.

    After talking about movie promotions and Sonam's filmography, their conversation veered off to how Harshvardhan feels that his sister's become more free with her career choices post-Neerja. Sonam immediately informed her innocent young brother that he's dead wrong.

    While Harshvardhan, fairly distanced from the gender disparity prevalent in Bollywood, continued to hope that current times are better for more women-centric movies, his sister relentlessly dropped truth bombs on him.

    Harshvardhan maintained his optimism about the industry and its treatment of actresses but Sonam was out of solace to provide.

    Finally, Sonam said the words that needed to be said and Harshvardhan had to accept the truth.

    You can watch the whole interview here.

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