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    This Little Girl Hugged Sunny Leone And Then Refused To Let Go Of Her

    Well, LOL.

    Sunny Leone was in a bit of a pickle recently. During a shoot break, a young fan approached her and went in for the longest hug of Leone's life.

    The child refused to end the sweet embrace.

    And it was probably a little awkward for Leone.

    Although, she didn't mind all the loving even one bit.

    Look how morose the little girl was, probably due to the knowledge that this hug won't last forever.

    She hung on tight and didn't let her folks mess with her vibe. She actively shut down their attempts to take her away.

    Leone briefly pretended to take the girl away from her parents and the latter beamed with joy.

    Goodbye, real parents. Goodbye.

    She eventually let go. But not for long. Not forever. As she snuck into Leone's vanity van later in the day, to take some A+ selfies.

    In conclusion: Follow your dreams, hug them tight, and never let them go.

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