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This Telugu Actress Shut Down Pervs Who Made Lewd Remarks About Her Breasts

"Go fuck yourself or ask your mom what's her size."

On November 8, 2016, Telugu film actress Shraavya Reddy hosted a Facebook Live session to talk about the demonetisation of โ‚น500 and โ‚น1000 notes.

Unfortunately, a lot of comments she received on her live video were crude and sexist.

Reddy decided to shut down all the perverts on the live feed.

And she savagely slammed the trolls one after another.

But people are the worst and they continued to leave lewd remarks on Reddy's video.

So, she left them with this:

Facebook: vegaentertain


You can watch Reddy taking on sexist trolls from 31:00 here:

Facebook: video.php

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