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This Fitness And Beauty Vlogger Looks Exactly Like Priyanka Chopra

The more I look at her, the more my mind is blown.

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This is Priyanka Chopra. She is a Bollywood superstar who has taken over the world. And you, miss/sir have just been played like a DAMN fool.

Because this is not Priyanka Chopra. This is 21-year-old Vancouver-based YouTuber, lifter, and fitness vlogger Navpreet Banga a.k.a BrownGirlLifts

Aside from being a certified baller on her own accomplishments, she's an uncanny Piggy Chops lookalike.

Banga obviously knows what's up and often jokes on Instagram about her humshakal.

Even her followers continually lose their minds over how identical she and Priyanka look.

So join me as I lose my shit over the cosmic coincidence of two badass mofos sharing this flawless face.

Join me in marvelling that this is NOT Priyanka Chopra styling her hair.

This is NOT Priyanka Chopra taking a flawless selfie.

And this is NOT Priyanka Chopra being a goddamn BAWSSSSS at the gym.

Take some time to digest that there are two of this face, and both of them sit atop fierce AF ladies.

"It's kinda cool that I look like one of the most admired and inspiring people out there. I feel proud of her, for working so hard that people that look like her are getting loved as well." Banga told BuzzFeed.

Are you also having trouble identifying the real Kashibai?

Because, same.

I christen thee, Navpriyanka.

Earl Gibson III / Getty Images)

We are so blessed. 🙌