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This Man's Greatest Joy Is To Walk With Actresses On Red Carpets And Keep Their Gowns Neat

How can one be this dedicated to their job?

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He's the man who went viral after we pointed out how meticulously he ensured Sonam Kapoor’s gown trains looked flawless on the Cannes red carpet.

After doing a post about him and his commitment to Sonam, I started receiving messages from people who knew more about this watchful protector of gown trains.

A few years ago, Dahabieh was in his office, looking for red carpet photos of his label's gowns, and only found "awkward options of gown trains folding onto themselves,” he told BuzzFeed.

I have not loved anything as much as Dahabieh loves Ralph & Russo couture.

So then, he basically CREATED a whole new job for himself. He's taken it upon himself to painstakingly, PHYSICALLY follow celebrities on red carpets, keeping their gowns straightened. For the photos!

That's him making Aishwarya Rai Bachchan's gown train look neat AF at the 2015 Cannes Film Festival.


"It was then I decided not to leave it to chance but personally ensure that the world gets the perfect picture," he further added.

He helped Kapoor look all the more gorgeous in the Ralph & Russo outfit in 2015.

"Whilst doing the fixes, I discreetly give the girls quick feedback on what poses are working best. I’d say 'less of hands-on-hips' or 'more looking backwards over the shoulder', etc."