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    Shahid Kapoor's Rangoon Look Will Make You Weak In The Knees

    Hot Damn.

    Shahid Kapoor has been teasing fans with selfies of his new look on Instagram.

    But now we have been graced with a proper picture of Kapoor, complete with a moustache that he will be sporting in Vishal Bhardwaj's upcoming film Rangoon.

    Twitter: @shahidkapoorFC

    Kapoor was snapped at the Amritsar airport by a fan.

    God, have mercy.

    And Vishal Bhardwaj has an explanation for why Shahid looks like a sexy armyman.

    Instagram: @shahidkapoor

    In an interview with Times of India, Bhardwaj was quoted saying, "Rangoon is a classic tale that will have the musical charm of Moulin Rouge, the romance of Casablanca and the intensity and drama of Saving Private Ryan. Like Saving Private Ryan, Rangoon too is set against the backdrop of World War II."

    A giant pretend military base is currently under-construction in FilmCity, Goregaon.

    And it already looks like fucking amazing.

    Rangoon also stars Saif Ali Khan and Kangana Ranaut in the lead roles.

    We cannot wait to see the trio onscreen.

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