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    Here's What Happens When You Just Move In With A Flatmate Vs. A Year Later

    It's like peeling an onion.

    Here are a few things that you might have experienced with your flatmate after living with them for a week vs. a year:

    In the first week, you're game to respond to the doorbell before your flatmate.

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    But that willingness sees a sharp decline over one year.

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    In the first week, you pretend to be comfortable with having one another's folks over.

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    But once a year goes by, you aren't ashamed of letting one another know how stressful it is.

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    In the first week, you spare each other's feelings.

    But one year down the road, FUCK THAT SHIT.

    In the first week, you are polite enough to accommodate.

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    One year later, FUCK THAT SHIT.

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    In the first week, you are apologetic for having bodily functions.

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    But over the course of one year, you and your flatmate unflinchingly have the most graphic scatalogical conversations.

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    From being awkward to becoming family, you and your flatmate have a blast along the way. If you're missing your flatmate right now or looking for reasons to move in with someone new, hit play.

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