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The "Tere Bin Laden: Dead Or Alive" Trailer Is Here And It Is Fucking Hilarious

It looks even better than the first one.

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Tere Bin Laden was a 2010 satire starring Ali Zafar and Pradhuman Singh about a Pakistani reporter desperately trying to migrate to the U.S.A. by making a fake Osama Bin Laden tape using a lookalike.

And it was a laugh riot.
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And it was a laugh riot.

The sequel however, stars Manish Paul as the lead and this time the plot revolves around Osama Bin Laden's death being a hoax.

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However, the most interesting addition to the cast is Sikandar Kher.

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He plays a member of President Obama's entourage who goes undercover as Bollywood producer David Chaddha to kill Osama Bin Laden.

Renowned Obama mimc Iman Crosson A.K.A. Alphacat, plays him in the movie.

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The trailer looks super funny. Watch it here:

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