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    8 Photos Of Anushka Sharma From Her Latest Elle Photoshoot To Make You Scream "YAASSS!"

    BRB, making her power suit aesthetic my own.

    1. Anushka Sharma joined forces with Elle India to do a badass photoshoot for their August issue.

    Tibi Clenci

    The shoot was styled and conceptualised by Rahul Vijay and is based on modern workwear. Vijay told BuzzFeed, "The idea was to dress Anushka in the season's hottest pantsuits because she's never been styled like this before."

    2. And it was stunningly fierce from start to finish.

    Tibi Clenci / Via Elle India

    3. She casually sported a faux bob and a glorious variety of pantsuits to flaunt her true hipster self to the world.

    Tibi Clenci / Via Elle India

    You can call 'em power suits because they make the wearer look like πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

    4. Who will volunteer to write a charming underworld don role for her?

    Tibi Clenci / Via Elle India

    5. Raise your hand if this glittery pantsuit is giving you life. πŸ™‹

    Tibi Clenci / Via Elle India

    6. Raise your other hand if you want her wardrobe to magically appear in your wardrobe. πŸ™Œ

    Tibi Clenci / Via Elle India

    7. Actually, can you just stand up if you want to look this fierce 24*7?

    Tibi Clenci / Via Elle India

    8. Finally, I'll just say what I've been meaning to say this whole time, which is this: YAASSS ANUSHKA YAASSS.

    Tibi Clenci / Via Elle India

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