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Sunny Leone Has Adopted A Baby Girl And Some People Have Sickening Responses To It

Yet another evidence that the world is a giant dumpster fire.

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Sunny Leone and her husband Daniel Weber recently adopted a baby girl from Latur, Maharashtra. The parents named their daughter Nisha Kaur Weber.

.@SunnyLeone and @DanielWeber99 have embraced parenthood by adopting a baby girl! Congratulations to the couple!

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On July 20, Hindustan Times broke the news which is positively amazing and should've warmed the cockles of every stone-cold heart that chanced upon it but, it didn't because people are awful.

Hindustan Times / Via Facebook

Some well-meaning, concerned folk were worried about Leone raising her daughter to become a prostitute/pornstar (because apparently, those professions are interchangeable and it's cool to shame women for it).

Hindustan Times / Via Facebook

Others wanted Leone to "let go" of the baby because she's a "disgrace" and therefore shouldn't be allowed to be a mother.

Hindustan Times / Via Facebook

The sickening comments about Leone's past in adult entertainment aren't new. She has frequently been vilified for "destroying Indian culture".

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But Leone has time and again shut that shit down.

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And to everyone who spent valuable time writing disgusting comments about Leone becoming a mom: