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    India's First Transgender Band Just Released Their First Song And It Will Leave You Speechless

    All. The. Feels.

    Yash Raj Films' digital platform Y Films just launched India's first transgender band, the 6 Pack Band and it is phenomenal.

    The band comprises of six transgender singers who are bloody talented.

    Today, the band released its first song "Hum Hain Happy" and singer Sonu Nigam teamed up with the gang to show support.

    Twitter: @Y_films

    The song is cover of Pharell Williams' single Happy.

    Anushka Sharma gives a voiceover at the beginning of the song where she talks about how the transgender community is often ridiculed in Indian society.

    In the voiceover Sharma says, "In India, the 'hijras' are a community almost in exile. Standing out at traffic signals after failing to blend in. Knocking on our windows in the hope for some kindness and perhaps a smile."

    This song is a celebration of the transgender community and it will make your heart swell with joy.

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