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Alia Bhatt's Interview With Her Sister Will Put A Big Smile On Your Face


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Alia Bhatt was recently interviewed by her big sister Shaheen Bhatt for the December issue of Elle India.

Elle India / Via Instagram

And it wasn't like your run-of-the-mill celebrity interview because it was all about getting to know "the girl behind the star".

Shaheen's prologue to the interview alone is quite a scene-stealer.

Shaheen Bhatt / Via Instagram

Among other things, Shaheen reveals, "It's difficult to describe what it's like to have your baby sister go from Aloo to Alia Bhatt almost overnight."

As the conversation between the two sisters rolls, we were let in on a lot of their secrets.

Alia Bhatt / Via Instagram

Like how Alia would snitch on Shaheen whenever she would see her talking to a boy or how Alia's best childhood memory is of them "playing Doctor Doctor" with each other.

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