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    Shah Rukh Stole The Show With This Speech At The Gala For Prince Will And Kate Middleton

    "I was supposed to get drunk and dance here but the British consulate has warned me that I’ll never be given a 10 year visa again.”

    Shah Rukh Khan was one of many celebrated guests at last night's charity gala dinner that was organised to welcome Prince William and Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, on their six-day India tour.

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    SRK also gave a special speech to welcome the Royal Highnesses. He began by greeting his co-host Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, in true gentlemanly fashion.

    He spoke of how he shares a special relationship with Britain because of his children, Aryan and Suhana.

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    "All of us present here have had long standing relations with the Great Britain. Of course, over the years mine have become even closer because my kids are studying there so I have been hearing a lot more about the Royal Highnesses and the work that they have been doing."

    And what he told the Duchess of Cambridge about India will make you feel super proud.

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    "I also heard her highness say 'I don't know if I have a favourite colour.' I just want to assure you that, your royal highness, even though your stay is extremely short in India, you'll go back finding more than one favourite colour from this country. India, if nothing else, is the most colourful and the warmest of all the nations that you'll ever visit in your life."

    He obviously ended the speech with his signature sense of humour.

    "I was supposed to get drunk and dance here but the British consulate has warned me that I'll never be given a 10 year visa again."

    Watch SRK extending a warm welcome to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge here.

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