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    Posted on 21 Sep 2016

    18 Reasons Kareena Kapoor Khan Is A National Treasure

    Happy Birthday, Bebo.

    1. When she and her baby bump were a goddamn vision at the Lakme Fashion Week, as she turned showstopper for Sabyasachi.

    Viral Bhayani

    2. When her maternity style in general was frikkin' A+.

    Viral Bhayani
    Viral Bhayani
    Viral Bhayani

    3. When she politely told all the people, who wondered about the sex of her unborn child, to STFU.

    4. And when she put the media in its place for predicting the longevity of her career post-pregnancy.

    STR/AFP / Getty Images

    5. When she shut shit down on a reporter who tried acting fresh with her by asking her about doing a movie with her ex.

    Bebo Sass 101.

    6. When she featured in several socially and politically significant Bollywood movies over the course of her career.

    7. And when she played the most underrated character who became a massive pop-culture icon.

    Dharma Productions / Via Imaan Sheikh

    8. When at the age of 21, she knew that a man is not a necessity.

    9. When her husband Saif Ali Khan let us in on exactly how romantic she is IRL.

    10. When she admitted to have adhered to an unhealthy lifestyle (because of the relentless fat-shaming she was subjected to early on in her career) and swore to never go back to it because she ain't got no time for that.


    11. When literally every magazine cover of hers was art worth exhibiting at The Louvre.

    Vogue India
    Vogue India

    12. When her hungry self was literally all of us.

    13. When she admitted to being a bookworm who simply wanted to get under the covers and read to her heart's content.

    MissMalini / Via

    14. When she admitted to feeling lucky for being Karisma Kapoor's sibling.

    Siga Arts International

    15. And when she signed Bollywood’s first big budget mainstream female-friendship film, Veerey Di Wedding, because in Sonam Kapoor's words "no one understands the importance of sisterhood better than you (Kareena)."

    16. When she spoke passionately about the importance of educating the girl child.

    Video Strawberry / Via

    17. When she had the Indian LGBT community's back.

    MissMalini / Via

    18. And when she knew just how flawless she was capable of being.

    Thank you for being your iconic self, Bebo. 👑👏😍

    Shree Ashtavinayak Cine Vision Ltd. / Via Tumblr

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