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Ranveer Singh Was Needlessly Savage To Vaani Kapoor The Whole Time They Shot "Befikre"


Ranveer Singh and Vaani Kapoor will be romancing each other in Aditya Chopra's upcoming movie Befikre.

Yash Raj Films

And while shooting, Singh has been nothing but savage to Kapoor.

For. No. Damn. Reason.

From trolling her by following her around, singing unpopular Punjabi songs...

To making pretty uncalled for fart jokes about her...

Singh did not hold back at all.

And this is his unflattering rendition of how Kapoor kisses on camera.

Meanwhile, Kapoor dealt with Singh's on-set behaviour in the most graceful manner.

You can watch them fooling around on the sets of Befikre here:

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