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    As If We Weren't Obsessed Enough, Ranveer Singh Sent An Adorable Personalised Bday Wish To A Fan

    My birthday is on April 6, just saying.

    We all know that Ranveer Singh is a pro-level cutie who often makes us mad because of just how perfect he is.


    And he just decided to do yet another cute thing. He made this adorable video wishing his fan on her birthday and we are happy for her and everything but HOW DARE HE.

    Facebook: moumita.chatterjee103

    Life is unfair. I also want. Gimme. 😭😭😭

    I mean it wasn't a boring old birthday wish because Ranveer being Ranveer did a full theatrical performance, complete with a kiss and my heart cannot take it anymore.

    I am starting a petition to get Ranveer to perform on my birthday. Please help your friendly stranger and make it happen. Thanks.



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