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    18 Moments From Ranveer Singh’s New Noodles Ad That’ll Make You Say, “Bhai, Kya Hai Ye?”

    I knew this day would come, I just didn't know it would come so soon. Ranveer Singh, it's time for us to talk.

    It is known that our love for Ranveer Singh is sacred. He has done several ridiculous things that have made him unavoidably loveable.

    But I just got done watching his latest TVC for Ching's Secret, where he plays Ranveer "Ching". And I'm not mad, I'm disappointed.

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    1. The ad starts with Kabir Bedi's voice-over, as he describes a post-apocalyptic world where people are dying of starvation.

    2. And Tamannaah Bhatia is their queen (?) because she is the only one in spotless white AND full makeup.

    My post-apocalyptic look should be the same, tbh.

    3. A kid with a bag of rice runs to this group of survivors. He is running away from a bad guy on a bike who shoots an arrow clean through the food.

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    It truly must be the apocalypse because this self-serving gang of grown-ass adults has sent out one scrawny teen to hunt for food. Good job fending for yourselves as a collective.

    4. Ranveer Ching arrives on a giant food truck full of Ching's Secret goodies completely untouched by the apocalypse because ad.

    5. And he casually indulges in some cultural appropriation.

    Facebook: chingssecret

    Ranveer Native American Ching, it seems.

    6. Bowls of desi-Chinese food are served around and suddenly the apocalypse turns into the best damn party scene.

    7. Okay.

    8. Okay then.

    9. In this 5 minute TVC, Ranveer Ching manages to sexually harass Bhatia by gawking at her midriff every chance he gets.

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    Who he tries to woo by saying things like "Aaj mausam bada schezwan hai" and "Tum manchow nahi bhao khaogi". STFU.

    10. Stop.

    11. Stop it.

    12. NO.

    13. There is bad guy called Chu.

    14. Ranveer Ching trash-talks him by calling him an "international chu" and aggressively singing "1-2-chu-chu-chu".

    Facebook: chingssecret

    And at this exact moment my patience is wafer thin.

    15. The villain is defeated by a pan of fiery noodles.

    16. I am having trouble with this.

    17. And just when you think it is over, a cross-dressing Ranveer Ching shows up as his own mother.

    18. Oh. No.

    I love you, Ranveer. But please make better decisions. Thank you. Bye.

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