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    Definitive Proof That Deepika And Ranveer's Relationship Is The Absolute F*cking Worst

    Thanks for nothing, you two.

    Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone's "chemistry" makes your heart melt every time you see them together.

    But they are the reason why you have unrealistic expectations of love and relationships.

    Wake up people, you are being played.

    These two have toyed with you for far too long and you shouldn't have it anymore.

    Looking at them, you have realised that there is probably no Deepika to your Ranveer or vice versa. And now you are devastated.

    If you think that Ranveer will ever be peak romantic for you by following you around with a flower in his hands, STOP.

    You will never be in the esteemed company of this tantrum-throwing-toddler version of Ranveer Singh.

    Nor are you gonna be at the receiving end of this cute sneaky hug from Deepika.

    Ranveer won't do a dorky slow walk in the background just to adorably mess up your attempt at having a serious conversation.

    You will never be Deepika, perfectly evading a coochie coo from Ranveer.

    You will never romance in code on a public platform like these two.

    You will NEVER have Deepika gazing at you affectionately.

    The paparazzi will never care for this beautiful photo op of you looking at Deepika like she is your everything.

    You know what I have that you don't, Deepika? The crippling feeling that I will never end up with someone like Ranveer effing Singh.

    So thanks for ruining our lives by being the worst ever romance role models, Ranveer and Deepika. THANKS A LOT.

    But also, love you to death.

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